Extremely versatile, advanced medications can be taken orally or injected. We use both narcotic and non-narcotic medications to treat pain. In all cases, safety and medical compliance are paramount, and your medication is monitored through urine/blood screens, patient/provider contracts, pharmacy checks, pill counts and other techniques.

Here are some specialized methods we use:

Neck, Shoulders, Back and Buttocks Pain

We use local anesthetics and corticosteroids, a class of potent anti-inflammatories. These are injected between the vertebrae, into facet joints between the vertebrae or directly into the sacroiliac joint that connects the bottom of the spine with the pelvis.

Nerve Related Pain

Similar medications are applied to the nerves along the spine. This resets the cycle of pain caused by these nerves and helps treat pain caused by conditions such as Sciatica or herniated discs that are pressing on the spinal nerves.

Muscle Pain

Another kind of pain is experienced in muscle areas with knots that can often be felt under your skin. These trigger points can irritate the nerves around them and cause referred pain, or pain that is felt in another part of the body. Injecting medications into these trigger points can reduce the discomfort associated with this condition. We also prescribe pain pumps that are implanted in your body to deliver painkillers and anti-spasm products directly into the spinal fluid. This option, while reserved for extreme cases such as inoperable cancer, is highly effective and has far fewer side effects than oral medication.

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