Paul Leppert RN

Paul Leppert RN, Adult Nurse Practitioner

Paul was born and raised on the East Coast. He volunteered for the Marines and served in Vietnam. He was the first combat veteran appointed, from the ranks, to Midshipman at the US Navel Academy but was medically disqualified. He lived in Europe several years and attended medical school in Spain for a year before financial constraints forced him to postpone his dream.

He returned to the United States, earned an engineering degree at night school. He worked for several major firms in their technology divisions and was recruited by Boos, Allen and Hamilton to join their consulting practice. He went on to form his own technology consulting company specializing in technology management for financial trading firms. His firm designed and implemented high tech trading floors for several leading financial Wall St. firms.

In his 50’s he reengineered himself and returned to his first love, medicine. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and went on to become a Certified Emergency Nurse. While working in the ER, he completed a 2 yr. Master of Nursing degree, completed his clinical work, passed his national board examination and become a Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner.

As a local he provided emergency and primary care in multiple locations, throughout the country. In Oregon, he met his wife, Linda. They settled here, in the Rogue Valley, where they enjoy exploring our beautiful countryside. They also enjoy family, sports shooting, our many theater venues, music and movies.

Paul has always been involved in community service. While on the East Coast he was a volunteer EMT, EMT Instructor and continues to have Paramedic Certification.

Paul also served for more than 20 years as a small boat coxswain in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. He spent many hours on safety patrols and his most memorable service was 10 straight nights and days of patrols in New York harbor after 9/11 for which he and his crew were awarded the 9/11 Medal.

Paul had been active in pain management for more than a year before joining Pain Specialists of Southern Oregon. He enjoys acting as a coach, helping his patients manage their pain with multiple resources: including counseling, physical therapy, lifestyle changes, interventional procedures and medications.

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